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Game Reviews: Mayanera, Rosemary and Mahala



A revolutionary slot game that will have you spinning

Inspired by the ancient Mayan culture, this innovative video slot presents the legend of god Kukulkan, who came back after being asleep for 2000 years. With a detailed setting, enveloping jungle sounds and a charismatic main character, the game immerses players into what it looks like an abandoned temple in the depths of Mesoamerica.

But the protagonist of the game is the slot itself: a wheel that resembles the traditional Mayan calendar. In order to win, players have to spin three rotating wheels and line up at least three identical symbols, vertically or horizontally. This feature is called Cross Match. They can also enjoy other entertaining bonus features, such as TimeWarp, Nudge, Free Spin, and Bonus Game.

Time Warp happens randomly, making time run backwards and awarding a re-spin. Bonus Game is the most engaging feature: every Progress Indicator moves one step further when its related symbol appears; and when the three Indicators align, the calendar opens to reveal a new mechanism, offering the chance of gaining Coins, Free Spins and Multipliers.

The main advantage of this game is that it’s very entertaining. You can start playing with a small amount and have tons of fun in little time.

If you are an adventure-seeker, step into the jungle with Mayanera and discover a brand new way of playing slots!


A fun, modern version of an all-time classic

Do you miss the atmosphere of a traditional casino lounge? Would you like to replicate that experience in the comfort of your home? Then, Rosemary is the perfect game for you.

This charming product combines the benefits of HMTL5 video slots with the traditional allure of the mechanical ones. Apart from five reels moving at a fast pace and the classical symbols that long time players love, this slot incorporates attractive bonus features like Wild, Scatter (Lucky 7), Hold Reel and Rosemary’s Kick.

The game is named after an amusing, lovable character, who accompanies players on the side and steps to the front to help them win extra points when the bonus features are triggered. For example, if a Royal Flush is won, she stands up and swiftly kicks the frame. Also, when three Scatter Symbols appear anywhere on the reels, she steps forward and holds them, to increase the player’s chances of winning.

Its whimsical music, flashy sound effects, and colourful images also contribute to the humorous tone of the game.

Be sure to spend some quality time with Rosemary! Fun and prizes guaranteed!


This fortune-teller predicts great prizes!

Who wouldn’t want to know their future in advance? If you were wondering about your chances of winning, then look no further. Mahala offers you exactly what you need.

With an attractive return to player rate of 96.42%, this bundle video slot of six reels and five rows includes tons of interesting features. In addition to Bundle Pays, it has the Mystical Egg Symbol that transforms itself to create the highest possible winning combination in a bundle, the convenient Free Spins and Free Spin Scatter, the always favourite Stacked Symbols, and the exciting Sticky Win Re-Spin randomly activated by a bundle win.

You can now enter the mystical tent of Mahala and feel the power of the incense scents in its enchanting atmosphere… Follow the dim lights as her owl guides you… Sit back, relax, and let her magic work on you!

Test the game here and get ready for a surprising experience.

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