Mayanera Return

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Divine riches are waiting for you!

Deities come and go, but Kukulkan’s fondness of humanity never wavers. Even after his second coming, the Plumed Serpent’s mind was full of going back to his people and providing them with new knowledge and wealth. So he started to devise a new plan. This time, he wasn’t going to wait for a couple of thousand years either!

Join this new expedition through Mesoamerica to rediscover the most benevolent of gods in the depths of ancient jungles filled with eagerly shining gold, and make yourself a name for meeting him for the second time!

Game nameMayanera Return
Volatility Medium
Supported platforms

Technical information

Mayanera Return is a Video Slot game with a Mayan God theme and 3 Rows and 8 Reels displayed as a wheel. The features of this game are Nudge, Time Warp, and Bonus Game.