Meteoroid Deluxe: An explosive upgrade

Oct 02, 2023

Meteoroid Deluxe: An explosive upgrade | Spinmatic

Do you recall the adrenaline-charged ride of Meteoroid? Where players controlled their cosmic winnings by selecting a bet, timely cashing out before the crash, and features like Auto Cash-out and Round History?

Well, the cosmos is stirring once again. As stars realign and galaxies merge, get ready for Meteoroid Deluxe! Now hotter, brighter, and bursting with fresh features.

Ignite the gameplay

Your players are always at the centre of our universe. They crave novelty, so we deliver. Meteoroid Deluxe amplifies the thrill, taking the gaming experience light-years ahead with two new markets:

Under/Over: Challenge players to foresee the crash! Will it be above or below the decided mark? Get it right, and a shower of cosmic rewards awaits.

Range market: A whole new dimension of excitement. By estimating where the meteor might crash, players stand a chance to earn astronomical rewards! Plus, a special bonus awaits if the crash perfectly mirrors the player's prediction.

Don’t wait! Join this new interstellar mission on our demo!

Ready for a Deluxe takeoff?

At Spinmatic, we're always looking to the stars and beyond. Refreshing our beloved classics is our way of ensuring your casino remains the hottest spot in the gaming galaxy. Why settle for yesterday when there's a whole dazzling universe waiting for you?

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