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Worldwide slots ranking


Slots are one of the favourite casino games worldwide. They are fun, give important prizes, and offer attractive jackpots. In addition, cutting-edge technology is allowing studios to constantly implement better visuals and sound FX.

No matter if they are in a land-based casino or an online platform, they are played daily by people from all around the world. 

So, how to make a successful casino game?

There is not a secret formula to create a globally successful casino game. But there are some aspects that may help every new game succeed, like innovations in technology, a good storyline that considers geographical and cultural preferences, interesting features, promo campaigns, and so on.


How do slots satisfy customers?

With more and more markets and partners around the world, how to develop engaging slot games that are guaranteed to satisfy clients in specific countries?

It seems pretty logical to consider people's likes and their slot backgrounds when creating a new game. Spinmatic makes deep research before developing a game. It is really appealing and engaging to see aspects or characters from your culture or region in a slot. 

Extra bonuses, mini games, and of course, big prizes, are also key to keep players happy.


Slot games by geographical area

European players like historical adventures and all-time classics. As regards to Spinmatic's portfolio, “Ed Jones & the Book of Seth” is the most played video slot game in this area. The second place is occupied by “Fruity Beats”, where 80’s rhythms are mixed with the origin of slot forms: lemon, cherry, watermelon, bells, and sevens. Finally, the bronze medal goes for “Poseidon,” specially made for Greek and Italian players who love to see their ancient cultures’ Gods inside a gameplay.

Asian players are enjoying very much one of Spinmatic’s latest releases: Fairy Dust. They also have Caishen’s Treasure on their Top 10, as this video slot has a Chinese Mythology theme.

The CIS countries reflect the mixture of Asia and Europe on their slot ranking, with Ed Jones and Fairy Dust fighting for the first place, followed by Rosemary, another classic that recreates the first slots with poker cards and fruits.

The popularity list for CIS countries is also influenced by Spinmatic special promo deals with its clients there.

Regarding Africa, the three games in the top are the same as in Europe, but in a different order, starting with Poseidon.

African users also like pirates themes, having Calico Jack among the most played games.


Plata o Plomo: Latin America’s favourite

Plata o Plomo is the perfect example of a game that succeeded in the area it was made for. A carefully developed storyline about probably the most famous smugglers in Latin America, who needs to escape from the U.S. police.

An exciting bonus game and a moving wild are the main features of this Latin winner!