Spinmatic embraces the 4-day working week

Mon, 1 Aug 2022

Spinmatic embraces the 4-day working week | Spinmatic Entertainment

Spinmatic, developer and supplier of premium casino games, and part of the same holding as GoldenRace, has followed the Virtual Sports leader in one of its latest Human Resources innovations: the 4-day working week.

From now on, workers in Turkey from Spinmatic, Novusbet and Xpress Tech will introduce this trend, starting to have one more day off each week.

Beyn Technology, the company in charge of hiring the personnel for the rest of the Turkey-based enterprises in the holding, will also be experiencing the new and shortened weeks.

“We really care about our employees' work-life balance. That is why we are incorporating this 4-day working week, maintaining their salary and other benefits, but giving them an extra day to rest, study or spend time with their family.”

Cemal Budak, Beyn Technology General Manager

In fact, Spinmatic has already done a pilot test with one of its teams, maintaining a huge level of commitment and performance.

GoldenRace was the first company in the holding to introduce this employment measure last October, in their offices in Spain and Colombia, increasing employees' productivity while engaging them and improving their work-life balance.

Several companies and public administrations all over the world have been trialling a four-day work week, and some international research confirms the benefits of an encouraged and trusted workforce, such as better productivity, wellness (less stress and burnout) and working environment.