Slots games in the online casino market

Apr 29, 2020

Slots games in the online casino market | Spinmatic

It's been a long time since the first slot machine appeared, around the last decade of the XIX century. And a lot of things have changed.

From mechanical slot machines with their arms, three reels and the typical fruits and bells, to the plethora of options that technology brings to online slots nowadays.

Thanks to the boom of the Internet in the mid 90’s, when the development of the first online casinos started, slot machines have been experiencing a second youth.

In fact, they have become one of the most highly implemented games for both online platforms and retail shops, as you can see in the following chart.

Slot machines online

The most important development in the history of slots may be that, in the past, slot machines worked with an established pattern to give a prize every so often.

Current slots are designed with completely aleatory and unpredictable algorithms and have a Random Number Generator (RNG) system that allows every game to have the exact probability to win the pot.

The result of the game is not conditioned by previous games and will not affect the following.

And, something truly important too is that there is a compulsory % of the money played that has to be returned to the player in prizes. That is why it is called Return To Player and in video slots it must always be over 92% .

This leap of slot machines into the digital era has caused many legends and myths to be forgotten and has introduced important improvements.

For example, according to visual and sound effects, such as Spinmatic HTML5 technology, virtual slots are much more attractive and modern, can be permanently updated and include extra bonus and mini games inside.

Also, the comfort of being able to bet whenever you want from wherever you are and discover your favourite slots in every language and using every currency is something traditional slots cannot compete with.

We shouldn’t forget that the first slot machine didn’t even have a payout mechanism and players exchanged hits for drinks at the bar!

Finally, the security that every online casino has to be certified by the relevant authorities and is fully compliant with the demanding legislation in force are important aspects to bring even more trust and enjoyment to virtual slots.

All this has contributed to the exponential growth of virtual slots in the online gaming market during the last years, making virtual slot incomes a really significant portion of the total amount of bets.