Patanjali Chakra: Soothing sounds, precious prizes!

Feb 21, 2022

Patanjali Chakra: Soothing sounds, precious prizes! | Spinmatic

Allow yourself to be swept into the mesmerising retreat of Patanjali Chakra, Spinmatic’s latest slot game.

With high volatility, this classic slot has Wild, Free Spin, Multiplier and Scatter features to enjoy top prizes amongst the spiritual ambience of plants and candles, fountains and lotus flowers and adorned with magical jewels.

The fusion of a casino slot with the tranquillity of a yoga class results in a special kind of harmony - enhanced by its one-of-a-kind soundtrack.

Tailor-Made Sound

Patanjali Chakra’s musical accompaniment was composed and produced by Arif Mesut Kahramanoğlu, a renowned musician with over 100 game soundtracks under his belt and who has worked with the most talented middle-eastern percussionists.

In a live recording session in the studio, he and the team created and recorded the melody using hang drums, an ethnic instrument that requires great skill to play.

Patanjali Chakra: Soothing sounds, precious prizes! |

The hang drum harmonies specially crafted for the game concept add a personalised touch to Patanjali Chakra, a further reflection of the strength of Spinmatic’s art team.

Patanjali Chakra is the latest to join Spinmatic’s portfolio of superior casino games which has recently expanded into the Crash game market, complementing our Slot, Bingo and Scratchcard HTML5 games.

Be sure to sample the peaceful and hypnotic experience for yourself by trying the demo!