Norbert Mathies highlights Spinmatic games and features in CasinosHunter Q&A

Apr 27, 2022

Norbert Mathies highlights Spinmatic games and features in CasinosHunter Q&A | Spinmatic

CasinosHunter invited Norbert Mathies, our Managing Director, to take part in a Q&A session to discuss Spinmatic games, in-game features, vision and approach.

The media asked Norbert about the company’s latest innovations, like its Xtreme! line of games, which is highly popular among players and is in demand among online casinos in Europe and Asia.

“Our Xtreme! line makes us outstanding, as it’s unique in the market with all RTPs at 99% or more. This high ratio gives operators, providers and players huge opportunities. As an operator or provider you can give your players full refunds on the lost amounts whilst having a low impact on your revenue streams. As a player you can get 99% back, so it’s very easy to win in such a game. A lot of people are winning €1,000, €2,000 and €3,000 in an easy way.”

CasinosHunter asked what online gambling trends Norbert notices these days, because the industry keeps changing and evolving, and being aware of the trends is important not only for businesses but for players, as well.

“There are different trends lately; I think multiways and megaways were trending over the past years but are now decreasing. Other trends like buy features, both cheap and expensive ones, are definitely here to stay.”

Since CasinosHunter is an online casino reviewing platform offering reviews and guidelines for gamblers, one of the natural questions was about the most popular games by Spinmatic, and what was so special about those games that made players love them.

“If you collect the data from the start, the most played game overall is Ed Jones & Book of Seth, and we have some evergreens that stay popular like Calico Jack. A lot of our titles weren’t released that long ago, for instance Fruity Beats Xtreme! is the clear winner in a 3-month period. Almost 40% of all traffic on Spinmatic games has been created by the Xtreme! titles, and Fruity Beats counts for 85% within that. It's a real hit and is played every day, which is really outstanding.”

To find out more about Spinmatic games and plans for the future, read the full Q&A on CasinosHunter.