Complete Betting Solution



We keep on revolutionising the gaming business with an all-in-one solution that will help you have the three different types of products in just one secure, easy to integrate and multiplatform API. 

Together with Golden Race and Hollywood TV, Spinmatic makes part of a solid product that includes virtual sports, live games and of course our superior casino games with the latest HTML5 technology, available both for retail and online platforms.

As we always say, WE DON’T JUST MAKE GAMES, WE CREATE WORLDS, and this solution makes the world of igaming much more developed.



  • The All-In-One Solution

Thanks to this product, operators will be able to offer virtual sports, SPINMATIC unique portfolio of slots games and Hollywood TV live games through a single API. Like that, we bring greater value to operators so they will expand their portfolio integrating these three different types of products in a very simple and cost-effective way.  

The main goal of this project is to offer the option of a unified API covering all the igaming and retail market requests, so that clients can choose to integrate the different types of games as a collective or one-by-one in a few simple steps. 


  • Advantages

This solution is reliable, scalable and secure, as well as compatible with multiple devices. It saves time and money for operators in a remarkable way that goes beyond the use of a unified API. Clients will be able to offer all the products in the most varied online and retail platforms, operating with a unified back office and having access to the company’s 24/7 support service.

This platform, built from the ground up with HTML5 technology, allows companies to increase their portfolios at the moment or later on to include other games. HTML5 games run smoothly on various devices and operating systems. 

Operators enjoy fast updates, while integrations are flexible, easy and available anywhere in the world, without needing a big structure. Moreover, they allow a complete brand integration, with the operators’ logos presented across the games and cashiers in a unified way.