Two old friends separated and followed their quite different paths in life. Professor Galenic, devoting his life to the preservation of organic life in the galaxy… Galactic King, creating an army filled with robots to dominate the worlds… Yet, they unite in one thing: their unrequited love for Princess Lipsy.Join forces with Prof. Galenic in his fight against Galactic King and his robot army and find your fortune in Galacnica!

Professor Galenic and Galactic King were really close friends… Once. They were, let’s say, “tolerating” their very different life ideals. Until they met and fell in love with Princess Lipsy, whose only objective is to find the perfect shade of lipstick ever created. From that moment on, their friendship went only worse and worse until they became each other’s sworn enemies. Galenic became the protector of organic life and Galactic became a king and got drunk with the dreams of galactic dominance. What will happen between these two? And who will gain attention of Princess?

  • GAME NAMEGalacnica
  • RTP92.97%
  • Reels&Rows5 reels x 3 rows
  • Lines10
  • Supported Platforms
  • Technical information

    Galacnica is an entertaining slot game with Space theme and 5 reels with 3 rows. 10 paylines, win both ways and expanding sticky wild features are prepared to create an enjoyable and exciting game experience.