Egyptian Stone

One day in the deserts of Egypt, an Egyptian relic was found. It turned out to be a device that transports anyone between time and space! With Egyptian Stone, travel through time and witness the greatness of ancient Egyptian Gods!

During the glorious days of Ancient Egypt, a pharaoh with the name of Tutankhamun decided to get rid of thousands of gods and created a religion in which there was only one God: Horus. This gained him the wrath of the recently outdated gods. On the other hand, Horus with his newly-gained power was thinking a way to punish his brother Anubis for not following their father Osiris’ instructions and turning him into a mummy. Will the quarrel between gods end? Will Ancient Egyptians be able to get used to this new religion and order?

  • GAME NAMEEgyptian Stone
  • RTP96.49%
  • Reels&Rows5 reels x 3 rows
  • Lines10
  • Supported Platforms
  • Technical information

    Egyptian Stone is an entertaining slot game with Ancient Egypt theme and 5 reels with 3 rows. 10 paylines, free spin and wild scatter with a payout features are all prepared to ensure an exciting and glamorous game experience.