Calico Jack Jackpot

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Be the captain of this trip and find the treasure!

In the Golden Age of Piracy, the ocean teemed with adventurers and ships, all in search of the same: the great treasure!

One day, a pirate called ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham, said “enough!” to his captain’s boring ways and led a mutiny on the ship to overthrow him and become the new captain. And he succeeded! Next, he appointed two female pirates as his first mates: Mary Read and her trusted friend Anne Bonny. Since then, they've been sailing the seas avoiding the navy and searching for the biggest treasure.

But this is no ordinary treasure hunt. Rumours whispered among the waves speak of a Jackpot, a bounty so vast that it could change the course of fortune for whoever claims it.

Join Calico Jack and his mates on this journey, and find the great reward!

Game nameCalico Jack Jackpot
Volatility Medium
Supported platforms

Technical information

Calico Jack Jackpot is a Jackpot Video Slot with a pirate theme, 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 fixed paylines. The features of the game are Free Spin, Jackpot Wild with a payout, Standard Scatter and Gamble.