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CRASH FOR CASH! Spinmatic enters the Crash Game market

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Spinmatic, the leading casino gaming provider, is diversifying its portfolio of online slots, bingo and scratchcard games by exploding into the Crash Game market for the first time in its history.

Alongside our extensive slot software solutions, this exciting new category of casino game has huge potential and is another innovative leap in our passion to offer our customers the best variety.

Crash Games are highly successful due to their speed, straightforward format and guaranteed wins. Another great advantage of this type of casino game is that they appeal to players of any age and experience. For instance, beginners can get a feel for the tactics and cash out whenever they want, focusing on steady early wins until they feel more confident to bet big.

The excitement lies in the unpredictability, as players set their sum and watch as the linear graph increases from zero. The aim is to cash out before the “crash” happens and take home their winnings - the number they finish on will be what their betting sum is multiplied by. But who knows when the CRASH will occur?!

Spinmatic customers can be safe in the knowledge that the crash number is completely randomly generated to guarantee a fair result at all times, and players can even check the game’s provable fairness.

As always, Spinmatic will be displaying playful graphics and innovative features to ensure our venture into this new category will be a hit, so stay tuned for our future Crash Game releases soon!