Book of eon

“… Until death do us part…” So say the couples each other when they are reciting their wedding vows. But when Edward’s dear wife dies too soon, this particular part doesn’t stop him even one bit from trying to bring her back to life! But things get even worse when he accidentally turns her into a zombie evildoer! With Book of Eon, witness Edward’s efforts and help him to send his evil undead wife Matilda back to her peaceful afterlife!

The daily life of happily married couple Edward and Matilda is destroyed when Matilda fell gravely ill and died too young leaving a heartbroken Edward behind. Burdened by sorrow, Edward was seeking a way to bring her back when he found a witch who claimed that she’d help him with his “problem” and gave him a powerful spell book. When he tried to create the potion he needed, things went really bad and Matilda came back as a vile zombie! Since that day, poor Edward has been trying to send her back to death without any luck. Can Edward finally be successful and put Matilda where she belongs or is he stuck with a zombie until the end of his days?

  • GAME NAMEBook of eon
  • RTP92.98%
  • Reels&Rows5 reels x 3 rows
  • Lines10
  • Supported Platforms
  • Technical information

    Book of Eon is a captivating slot game with 5 reels and 3 rows and witchcraft theme. 10 fixed paylines, free spins, wild with a payout and gamble features are all constructed to create an exciting game experience.